PCI Express (Gen2, Gen3 and Gen4):

Each customer is provided with an overall Test Report for PCI Express products tested in one of our labs.  This includes a copy of the test log that is produced by each particular test application. Each customer will also be provided with an unofficial FYI pass/fail statement as to whether the product passed or failed each particular type of compliance test (including interoperability testing). Any known Exception List items that would result in a fail not being counted against the device are also indicated and explained.  Finally, each test result includes margin analysis indicating whether the result is close to pass/fail criteria and if a result is normal or outlaying from normal expectations. 

The following type of FYI Compliance Readiness testing (and Interoperability testing) is offered by Parallax: 

  1. Configuration Testing
  2. Link/Transaction and De-emphasis Testing
  3. PLL Testing
  4. BIOS Testing
  5. Transmitter Testing
  6. Receiver Testing
  7. Link Equalization (LEQ) Testing
  8. Interoperability Testing
    1. ​​Note that Interoperability testing in the Parallax Lab is accomplished by testing an add-in card within a sample of five different late model commercial PCI Express systems.

Our Services

USB Technologies (Legacy USB through SuperSpeed Plus):

Product Readiness Testing for USB technologies will be offered by Parallax in the near future (stay tuned).